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behavior therapy west los angeles:- Dr. Taji Huang PhD can help you alleviate bothersome symptoms linked with mood disorders, such as lack of enjoyment in life, feelings of deep sadness, appetite changes, sleep difficulties, difficulties with attention and concentration, plus physical symptoms like fatigue. She will also help you to alleviate symptoms related with anxiety disorders such as intrusive and obsessive thoughts, feelings of agitation, and increased worry. In addition, Dr. Taji Huang can also help people with eating disorders, addiction, bereavement, and sexual difficulties.

Discover Your Goals & Desires
As a Psychologist in West Los Angeles, she can also help people to discover their potential, which means feeling that someone has a purpose, an individual feels effective and he or she is able to take actions towards their goals and desires.


psychologist west los angeles :- In psychological problems, majority of patients require care and attention. If the patient gets care and attention, then half of the mental problem is already dealt with. Dr. Taji Huang understands that her patients also want indirect or direct motivation to help them overcome their mental health problem. Dr. Huang knows very well that if she pulls out all the wrong habits, dullness, and negativity from the life of her patient in a correct manner, the patient’s recovery process will speed up and he/she would start feeling like a normal human being in less time.

agoraphobia west los angeles:- Dr. Huang always listens to her patients and she never ignores her patient’s complaints. She may interview you and your relatives or even friends so as to know you better and understand your problems better. Knowing what treatment method to use requires experience, training and skill. Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Taji and find out if she is the right therapist for you.

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